A High-powered Organic Growth Strategy

Most CEOs today talk about the importance of growing the business with current customers. But when you take a close look at their organizational structure and the way they operate, it becomes readily apparent that organic growth is more of a talking point than a vital enterprise-wide strategy.


That was the situation at one of the nation’s leading banks before we used innovation engineering to fuel one of the most ambitious cultural transformations in company history. This is the story…


2 Responses to A High-powered Organic Growth Strategy

  1. Scott Heslink says:

    Thanks for describing the most interesting 3 years of my life in 8 pages. I should at least get a signed copy

    • Scott, Thanks for your help in leading the effort over those three years. Never would have happened without you!

      About Scott: Scott is the VP, Branch Transformation at Capital One. He has spent the majority of his career driving breakthrough performance in customer loyalty and profitability enhancement. He is also a member of the team that was granted the patent referenced in the case study.

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