Leadership Cornerstone: Integrity of Character

“The final proof of the sincerity and seriousness of management is an uncompromising emphasis on integrity of character. For it is character through which leadership is exercised; it is character that sets the example and is imitated. Character is not something a man can acquire. If he does not bring it to the job, he will never have it.”

Peter Drucker

An organization is always watching, analyzing, and assessing a leader’s actions with one question in mind –  is this manager worthy of my following?


About Vele Galovski
Vele Galovski has consistently achieved breakthrough results by using his unique approach to innovation engineering. By combining ambitious goal-setting with key driver analysis, disciplined management of metrics, and an inspiring approach to employee engagement and empowerment, Vele has dramatically improved the performance of a high-volume manufacturing operation, a national financial services company, a leading provider of professional outsourcing services, and one of the top home-builders in the country. He is currently working on a book to describe his methodology and help others achieve exceptional results with the same basic process employed by the world’s greatest engineers. You set a daring goal. Then you engineer a way to get there.

2 Responses to Leadership Cornerstone: Integrity of Character

  1. Integrity of character is the foundation. It is what you build your being up from, if you so choose. The building blocks of leadership are built upon the value of integrity and trust. Each block represents the values, virtues and principles that will house your team. It will be build with duty, honor, courage, commitment, selfless service, respect, justice, judgement, dependability, initiative, decisiveness, tact, enthusiasm, bearing, unselfishness, knowledge, loyalty, and endurance. It will be a strong structure if you build with these traits properly and effectively. You need to make sure the leadership “structure” your team works in is built with these things.

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